CheckSum v1.0

November 1, 2006

CheckSum can be used to quickly and easily find the size of a file along with its CRC32, MD5 and SHA1 hashes using a simple drag and drop interface.

Deleter v1.1

November 1, 2006

Deleter is a small utility that allows you to delete a file currently in use, such as system files or corrupt executables, at the next boot by simply dropping them onto the application.

Heatmap v1.0

November 1, 2006

Heatmap allows you to track the movement of your mouse across the screen over the course of the day, to see the most used ('hot') parts of the screen.

Illusion v1.0

November 1, 2006

Illusion lets you create your own optical illusion by loading an image as a negative, then showing it as a greyscale image - which you see in full colour!

JPEG Preview v1.0

November 1, 2006

JPEG Preview lets you compress a range of image formats into a JPEG, showing you the effects of the compression in real-time.

RegEx v1.0

November 1, 2006

RegEx is a simple regular expression tester for ensuring you have a valid regular expression that matches the target string.

SourceLibrary v1.0

November 1, 2006

SourceLibrary is an advanced, self-contained source code library with syntax highlighting and full search capability to store all your code fragments in.

TextTwist v1.0

November 1, 2006

TextTwist is an anagram finding game where you must find all anagrams of a random 6 letter word to advance to the next round.

TreeCopy v1.0

November 5, 2006

TreeCopy is a small utility that allows you to copy a folder and all its subdirectories, without copying the files contained within them.

Word Shuffle v1.0

November 1, 2006

Word Shuffle gives you the ability to create your own jumbled paragraphs similar to the infamous 'rcesaerh at Cmgdairbe'.